We have taken a typically Florentine local model from Florence to Milan, “THE VINAINO“, where you can drink fine wine, from Chianti to Brunello, if you’d like, by the glass.

We pair drinks with hot dishes made out of the Tuscan countryside’s typical products, platters of cheese and or Tuscan lunch meats.

The involvement of wine producers, chosen as partners and assistants, brings to the bar tops and tables of our bistros the history of each wine that our customers taste with the ideal pairing suggested by the producer to exalt the flavors and tastes that the customers get to try…an experience!

In any event, the wine is matched with the Florentine olive oil flatbread that we produce ourselves and serve hot and stuffed in about 20 different versions. To give us an international name you could call us a Tuscan bistro.

Our choice of ingredients follows the seasons. In fact, the kitchen prepares traditional Tuscan dishes daily, both with meat and fish. There are also plenty of the famous legume or vegetable soups.

Seated at our table you will eat and drink Florence.



The origins of the schiacciata go way back in time.Originally it was a disc of dough made by mixing water and various ground cereals, then flattened to be baked on ardent stones by the fire.

Working the dough, rolling it, shaping it with the warmth of your hand, fingering it, “making love” to it, is the ancestral rite that Tuscan flatbread is born from.




Enjoy real Tuscan flavor, pairing the lunch meats and cheeses offered up on our platters with wine.

From the cone for easy-going eating, to our mixed platter to indulge the palate with a broad selection of lunch meats and cheeses, all absolutely Tuscan.


    A symphony of flavors with cheeses, lunch meats and delicacies.

    On our large platter you’ll find Tuscan cured ham, salami with fennel seeds, Tuscan salami, lean meat and cut lard sausage, and roast suckling pig among the lunch meats.

    The cheeses include an assortment of four types of cheese and three types of jam and/or honey paired with them.

    All is served together with four varieties of assorted mixed fried bread to accompany your tasting of lunch meats and cheeses.



    — 450 gr —

    You’ll find Tuscan cured ham, salami with fennel seeds, Tuscan salami, and lean meat & cut lard sausage among the lunch meats.The cheeses include ripe pecorino cheese, aromatic pecorino and jam or honey in pairing.


    Schermata 2015-10-28 alle 12.57.58

    — 250 gr —

    Made for those who love cheese and don’t feel like eating lunch meats. You will be served three types of cheese that come with pear jam or honey.

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    — 100 gr —

    You’ll find Tuscan cured ham, salami with fennel seeds, Tuscan salami & Pecorino.


    — 100 gr —
  • CONE

    We have come up with the cone as a very "street" alternative for all those who don’t want to stop for too long but would simply like to pair a glass of wine with something to munch on.

    The cones are filled with Tuscan flatbread and Mortadella di Prato PGI (Tuscan baloney) cut into strips.

    Schermata 2015-10-28 alle 12.57.58

    — 100 gr —







In addition to the Tuscan Stuffed Flatbread in the platters, enjoy our cuisine. Whether you want to take a break from the immense beauty of Florence or if you have just a few minutes on your lunch break, you can relax enjoying the dishes prepared by our chef:

From the first courses like our tagliolini (thin noodles) with truffle cream sauce, to our second dishes like scrambled eggs and Tuscan roast suckling pig cooked in wine.




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from Thursday to Wensday  18:30 – 01:00

 from Friday to Sunday 18:30 – 02:00

Open all days even for lunch (Monday closed) from 12:00 to 14:40